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Federal Income Tax Support

Filing your taxes after finishing your tax return preparation may be done by the tax filer with or without the help of income tax software and online tax preparation services. You can also hire a professional enrolled agent or licensed professional such as an attorney or certified public accountant (CPA) to handle the whole process if you so desire to avoid the task yourself.

Filing Your 2019 - 2020 Federal Taxes Online

These days using online federal  income tax software is the dominant tax preparation method for filing. This includes a steady increase in online filers every year.

With top tax preparation choices today like TurboTax and H&R Block, anyone can prepare & file their return online, and get the biggest refund guarantee!

There are numerous bits and pieces that make up the details involved in preparing your federal and state income tax forms. Missing any one of them could be the difference between getting a minimum refund or a getting your maximum refund.

These online federal tax filing programs offer intuitive guidance that walks you one step at a time through the tax preparation process. This includes an interview process designed to simplify your tax preparation by eliminating areas of documentation that don't apply to your tax filing situation. This in turn helps discover additional tax deductions you could qualify for to help reduce your tax debt and increase your refund.

If you would like to save some cash and you're tired of paying someone else to prepare your income taxes every year then waiting for them get finished. Well, then this is the year for you to take back control of your time and your money.

Are you capable of preparing your own tax return online? YES! It's easy no matter how complicated your tax situation is, how confident you are about estimating your income taxes, or how much advice you feel you might need to complete the forms. Today's tax software programs do all the hard work for you.

United States income tax laws can be considered seriously complicated. Fortunately, online tax filing software can help you do a professional job yourself. It's a great way to save some cash this tax season.

Use Our Federal Income Tax Calculator

Calculate your federal income taxes easily with a simple to use federal tax estimator Calculator to easily determine what you owe or how big your refund will be.

Knowing what your tax liability is before filing your tax return can help get you focused on how to meet your financial liabilities instead of wondering what they may be.

Other online tax tools that can help you organize include:

File Federal Income Tax Return Extension

If your running late or just don't have time to prepare your return, you can file a federal income tax extension so that you may have an additional six months to prepare and file your federal tax return.

The IRS approves almost all applications for federal tax extensions. This being said, it's not uncommon for the IRS to decline an application should it include inaccurate or incomplete data. If this happens, the IRS will notify you of the reason for being declined so that you can make any corrections needed and resubmit for approval. Nevertheless, make sure you pay any taxes owed regardless.

If you happened to rush through your tax preparation and filed your return only to find that you left something out, then it's time for you to amend the tax return you filed. It's a simple process that takes just a few minutes. However, this could delay your refund, so be aware of that.

How to Contact The IRS: Tax Help and Support

Tax Help, Where to find support for your taxes

Call With Your Tax Questions

Live assistance is available Monday through Friday.

Contact Your Local IRS Office

Local IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers.

IRS Mailing Addresses ("Where to File")

Where to file: mailing addresses for tax returns.

Contact Us for Status of Your Refund

Where's My Refund Link, or call 1-800-829-4477

Contact Your Taxpayer Advocate

Taxpayer Advocate Service helps resolve issues.

Contact IRS About Voluntary Disclosure

IRS voluntary disclosure program.

Call the Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC)

The Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) Support

Contact IRS Internationally

International Services: living outside the United States.

Suspicious e-Mails, Phishing, and Identity Theft

The IRS does not send out unsolicited e-mails. beware

Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity?

For information about an individual or company you suspect of tax fraud.

Contact the Web Site Help Desk

For help with the IRS web site, file formats, printing downloaded files, and technical problems.

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