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Online Federal Tax Filing Software Programs 2019 - 2020 Tax Season

The benefits that come from using top rated online federal tax filing software for your tax preparation and filing are worth the modest fee. The tax season can bring on stress for a lot of us, especially if we know were going to owe more income taxes to Uncle Sam.

Fortunately a top quality federal tax software brand can help you avoid confusion and poorly formatted products that do little more than waste time and create frustration.

Consumer reports have shown that there are two top rated tax preparation brands that have been consistent choices for returning customers for decades. TurboTax #1 and H&R Block #2 are the best choices for top sales and satisfaction brands that continue to satisfy returning customers every year. With decades of experience and development you can't go wrong with either one

TurboTax tends to be the dominant product line each year as they grab the largest market share of tax filers. This is not to say that H&R Block does not measure up to the same standards, they do! However, HR Block puts far more focus into local offices where you can visit a tax professional for personal one-on-one tax preparation.

Federal Tax Filing 2019 - 2020

Online federal tax filing generally includes the following editions for tax preparation.

Free Editions offer the most basic tax preparation for 1040 tax filing needs. They do not offer import capabilities or tax filing extra support. They are the right choice for tax filers that are not taking detailed deductions

Basic Editions are a step up for your income tax support and include import capabilities as well as home ownership deduction filing. These editions can save a lot of time by importing w2's and 1099 financial data from employers.

Deluxe Editions are the ideal choice for maximizing tax deductions, credits and benefits including charitable contributions and medical or educational tax deductible adjustments to your income tax return.

Premium / Premier Editions are the best choice for rental property owners and investors, as well as self employed individuals that are looking for the best guidance with their investments on their tax return.

Home and Business Editions are the right all-in-one solution for preparing your personal and business tax returns with one package. They include everything from all previous editions plus support for filing your business return.

TurboTax Tax Filing Software 2019 - 2020

When it comes to computer based desktop tax software or online tax preparation, TurboTax is no doubt the leading supplier for Americans. It's a product line that is pushed hard for innovation and ease of use.

TurboTax is consistently getting top rating from the software reviewers and those who use it to file their tax returns. TurboTax editions include Free Edition, Basic, Deluxe, Premier and Home and Business. They are packed with features useful for tax filers who itemize their tax deductions. TurboTax is the number one selling tax software on the market today.

H&R Block Tax Filing Software

H&R Block At Home is another top selling brand that offers online tax preparation as well as downloadable and packaged software versions. On top of all that, HR Block employs over 90,000 tax preparation professionals in over 22,000 offices around the country and oversees. This in turn makes them one of the best resource companies for quality tax software products.

Online federal income tax preparation

When your getting ready to prepare your federal income tax return, looking for some top notch assistance from quality tax preparation software should be a priority on your list of desires.

Taking on the task of preparing and filing your own return by yourself can be overwhelming if you have never done this before. It's easy to make costly mistakes and miss out on very common federal tax deductions if you are unfamiliar with federal filing rules, or use inferior software.

Choose Wisely!

When tax season rolls around we suggest preparing and e-filing your federal tax return using an online tax preparation service such as TurboTax Online, or H&R Block At Home Online.

Online tax filing services can help uncover many deductions and credits that you may not be aware you're eligible for. Some of the many common deductions that tax payers miss are medical deductions and new homeowner deductions. These software brands also offer a free fed tax calculator to help you calculate your biggest refund possible.

Preparing your business tax return

Business owners can also use these top federal tax preparation brands to prepare and e-file their business return using these online tax preparation service. There ideal choices for avoiding costly mistakes that can cost you big bucks.

Online income tax preparation software like TurboTax and HR Block asks you questions to find out your tax situation and then they tailor the tax preparation process to you to avoid wasting extra time with unnecessary questions.

TurboTax Video Presentation

Best choices for audit trigger alerts and support

When you file online using these top software choices your return is automatically checked for errors and for entries that are known to be audit triggers.

These software programs alert you to these entries so that you can make a decision on whether to alter them to reduce the chance of an audit.

Whether you are filing your personal or business return, audit support can be a great benefit for insuring less chances of problems with the IRS.

Both TurboTax and HR Block provide free audit support for their tax software programs to insure you the most comprehensive tax software packages on the market today.

With quality formatting and step by step directions, there's no reason to look anywhere else for top notch federal and state tax filing programs!